About Us

The origin

It all began many years ago with a lost barrette. My favorite barrette. It was the perfect shade of pink.

I still miss it.

When I was young my hair accessories were thrown in a drawer with no sense of organization. Over the years I continued to lose pieces (always a favorite, or one of a pair!)

I tried countless solutions to organize them.

The problem was space, or lack thereof.

Every solution utilized too much valuable storage space and wasn't portable for travel (and don't get me started on how many accessories I've lost while traveling ...)

This created unnecessary stress for me over the years until, in 2016, I had a thought. I went to the craft store, bought some materials, and created my initial handmade prototype.  

Fast forward multiple years and iterations later, and the Klipster came to life!

Less mess, less stress.

Small Business Certified

Minority and Women Owned Business Certified